That creek will rise

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Count: 32
Wall: 4
Level: High Beginner
Choreographer: Sue Ayers (USA) – July 2023
Music: Creek Will Rise – Conner Smith
Restart on Wall 5 facing 12:00 after first 16 counts

#32 count intro

S 1 — Walk Right Forward, Hold, Walk Left Forward, Hold, Heel Switches
1-2Walk forward on R (1) hold (2)

3-4Walk forward on L (3), hold (4)

5-6Touch R heel forward (5), step R next to L (6)

7-8Touch L heel forward (7), step L next to R (8)

S 2 — Step Forward, Tap Behind, Step Back, Kick, Right Mambo Back with Touch, Hold
1-2Step forward on R (1), tap L toe behind R heel (2)

3-4Step back on L (3), kick R forward (4)

5-6Rock back on R (5), recover weight to L (6)

7-8Touch R next to L (7), hold (8)

Restart here during Wall 5 facing 12:00

S 3 — Pivot 1/4 Left, Cross, Hold, Step Left, Touch R, Step Right, Touch L * (9:00)
1-2Step R to right (1), pivot weight to L turning 1/4 to left (2) (9:00)

3-4Step R across L (3), hold (4)

5-6Step L to left (5), touch R next to L (6)

7-8Step R to right (7), touch L next to R (8)

* Harder variation (counts 5-8) — Step back 1/2 right with L (5), step forward 1/2 right with R (6), L touch (7), hold (8)

S 4 — Left Side Together, Forward, Hold, Right Side Together, Swivet *
1-2Step L to left (1), step R next to L (2)

3-4Step L forward (3), hold (4)

5-6Step R to right (5), step L next to R (distributing weight equally on each foot (6)

7-8Twist to right by turning toes to right while rising on heel of R foot and ball of L foot (7), twist back to center as both feet step together, with weight on L (8)

* Easier variation (counts 7-8) — Lift onto balls of both feet (7), lower heels, taking weight on L (8)

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Creek will rise


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